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29-12-2023, 14:48

NTR wa Owaranai ~Anata wa Doko made Tsuma no Netorare o Yurusemasu ka / NTRは終わらない~あなたはどこまで妻の寝取られを許せますか~

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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NTR wa Owaranai ~Anata wa Doko made Tsuma no Netorare o Yurusemasu ka / NTRは終わらない~あなたはどこまで妻の寝取られを許せますか~


Visual Novel

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Type of publication:Pirate (unofficial)




PC / Windows

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Outline of this work:

This is an ADV game depicting a "cuckold" from each couple's point of view!
The game is divided into chapters 1, 2, and 3, and you can play from your favorite chapter.

Chapter 1: Adultery
This is a story from the wife's point of view.
Yukie, a serious and chaste wife, meets sexually uninhibited women and gradually falls into adultery.
At first, she is a serious woman who has no intention of having an affair. The story depicts the change of mindset of a serious woman who is not at first willing to have an affair.

Chapter 2: Cuckold
This is a story from the husband's point of view.
One day, the husband witnesses his wife talking with a stranger and begins to suspect adultery.
He follows in the footsteps of his cuckolded wife and tries to win back his beloved.
It might be interesting to play from here without playing the first chapter.

Chapter 3: Epilogue
A story from the husband's point of view.
It branches into two routes depending on the ending of the second chapter.
You can play from chapter 3 without redoing chapter 2.

Basically, it is an easy game that can be played in its entirety with mouse operation only.
We also provide "All open button" to open CG mode and reminiscence mode at once!



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