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1-01-2024, 15:24

NTR Les RPG Ochikano ~Tell me the reason why you, who was just me, became a woman / NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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NTR Les RPG Ochikano ~Tell me the reason why you, who was just me, became a woman / NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~



Original title

NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~

Release date



Type of publication:Original (licensed)




PC / Windows

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Ganting voice + climax voice + H sound effect has been added during H scenes

This work is an exploration-type RPG without combat.



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