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7-02-2024, 14:16

Kagura Reimeiki ~Ryouka no Shou~ / 神楽黎明記 ~涼香の章~

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム


Kagura Reimeiki ~Ryouka no Shou~ / 神楽黎明記 ~涼香の章~



Original title

神楽黎明記 ~涼香の章~

Release date



Type of publication:Original (licensed)




PC / Windows

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Kagura Reimeiki ~Ryouka no Shou~ / 神楽黎明記 ~涼香の章~

Ryoka sets out to find Tome-sama, who has disappeared along with Mikoto. While investigating, Ryoka enters a bamboo grove where she is suddenly enveloped by a light and disappears while saying Mikoto's name.

After this, Ryoka loses her memory and faints. After waking up with no memory, she arrives at the shrine where she is taken care of. One day, the shrine receives a request to investigate the ancient shrine of the Dragon God, where suspicious disappearances have begun to occur.

Ryoka, upon learning of this, accepts the request and sets out to investigate the ancient shrine.



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