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Maindo Ryuda / マインド・リュダ v.1.1

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Maindo Ryuda / マインド・リュダ



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Maindo Ryuda / マインド・リュダ

Training sessions. It was a competition held by the "scripture society Luda" to select and promote strong men.

In order to save her husband, Uia, who was captured by Luda for a crime she did not commit, Segi decides to participate in the Nerikai as a "Black Lady of Magic" by wearing a black robe for battle, even though she is a woman, to deceive the eyes of those around her.

To be named as a warrior in this military drill society, a condition was imposed on her.
She had to take a secret medicine from Luda to strengthen herself and then participate in the competition.

However, this rare medicine, called "Mind Luda," which bears the name of the scriptural association Luda, had another characteristic in addition to promoting the strengthening of the body.

It has an intense aphrodisiac effect that scorches and corrodes the body day after day, night after night.

There are only about 30 days left until the fateful battle...... of the finals of the military drill competition.
The hypnotic effects of Mind Luda are at their highest on the eve of the finals, entangling her body in a way that she cannot allow herself to resist.

Will Segui be able to win the lust-filled competition and save her beloved family? ......



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