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4-03-2024, 15:33

Umigame no Supu〜NTR Tawa o Korya Ku Seyo〜 / ウミガメのスープ〜NTRタワーを攻略せよ〜 v.1.03

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム


Umigame no Supu〜NTR Tawa o Korya Ku Seyo〜 / ウミガメのスープ〜NTRタワーを攻略せよ〜



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PC / Windows

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Umigame no Supu〜NTR Tawa o Korya Ku Seyo〜 / ウミガメのスープ〜NTRタワーを攻略せよ〜

Kaiketsu Arata, a man who longs to be a detective, had a strange dream.
In the dream, he saw a mysterious girl named "Juice" who was seeking for help.
She was trapped on a mysterious island called Sea Turtle Island.
Arata is asked for help, and in order to save Juice, he challenges the giant tower that towers over Sea Turtle Island, the "Sea Turtle Tower".

The horizontal thinking puzzle called "Sea Turtle Soup" is a guessing game in which the player solves a single mystery by asking a series of questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no" to a puzzling problem.

There is no connection with the previous game!
The story developed in a serious tone.
Unlike the previous title "Sea Turtle Soup - Cuckold Tailoring" this game has a more comedic style.
Please enjoy the various events with the gatekeepers that await you!



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