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11-03-2024, 13:40

Jimi Kao Kyonyu ~Hitozuma Kara Shakkin HensaiNTR-tan / 地味顔巨乳人妻~借金返済NTR譚~

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Jimi Kao Kyonyu ~Hitozuma Kara Shakkin HensaiNTR-tan / 地味顔巨乳人妻~借金返済NTR譚~



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Jimi Kao Kyonyu ~Hitozuma Kara Shakkin HensaiNTR-tan / 地味顔巨乳人妻~借金返済NTR譚~

Erina (32), a wife devoted to her husband Takeru Sakaki, discovers one day that he has been fired from his job and is in debt.
For the sake of her beloved husband, Erina decides to sell herself to earn money, and her new daily life begins...!

There are two endings.
The included ReadMe contains detailed strategies and operation methods.



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