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18-03-2024, 13:21

Sai Da no Erufu / 催堕のエルフ v.1.4

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Sai Da no Erufu / 催堕のエルフ



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Sai Da no Erufu / 催堕のエルフ

To save his girlfriend, he pursues the mastermind while being terrorized by hypnosis!

Aminid, a region with a legend of a sealed demon god!

Emilia, a dark elf, Noel, an elf, and Al, a human, are a party of three lovers!

While exploring the dungeon where the hero who sealed the Demon God is said to have sealed the hidden treasure, Al's heart is removed by someone...!

The demon Amnu suddenly appears in front of the dying Al and tells him to "make a contract with me to prolong the man's life", and Emilia and Noel...... have no choice but to make a contract!

But it was also a contract for Amnu to use hypnotic magic. ......!

The two chase after the person who removed Al's heart and head for the city of Karriemil, but there they find themselves under the hypnotic control of the mysterious cult of Manue!

Can Emilia and Noel resist the hypnosis and save their lover Al?



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