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1-04-2024, 13:55

Rebecca and the Sword of Nasty Curses / レベッカと淫呪の剣 1.2

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Rebecca and the Sword of Nasty Curses / レベッカと淫呪の剣



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Rebecca and the Sword of Nasty Curses / レベッカと淫呪の剣

Rebecca, a female warrior, was the strongest in a remote village.
She is skilled and kind-hearted, and is trusted by the villagers to protect the village.
One day, a band of thieves attacked Rebecca's village.
Rebecca fights back, but is severely defeated, and most of the villagers are taken away.
Takezo, her one true love, is also kidnapped, and Rebecca, vowing to defeat the bandits, sets out on a journey.

Her destiny is changed by the "Slutbringer," a sword of lewdness that she acquires on a new continent.
The magical sword, which converts its owner's sexual experiences into energy, is strengthened in exchange for Rebecca's chastity.

What will become of the village's strongest female warrior when she defeats the bandits and wins back the man she loves?



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