Ariana and Maria lost their mother to the demons, and now they fight to keep the peace in their town. But when the Demon Lord and his army are revived, it's up to our two heroines to save the entire world! But can they do it, or will they fall into...
30-01-2021, 15:39
Libido ☆ Angel / 性欲☆天使
Japanese Games
2 778
It is a dungeon RPG that advances quests by going back and forth between the city and the dungeon. There are H event full voice and some part voice. Eru (playable character) God's gifted [Sex Cup] has built a long and peaceful state by absorbing...
When I wake up, I don't know where it is. If you expect this to be a different world summoning that you hear from rumors It was neither a hero nor a saint that was told to the goddess who appeared. Because of the jealousy of the goddess, the sexual...
12-01-2021, 13:57
Lewdy Princess Inheritance v.1.07 / 淫姫相伝
Japanese Games
1 350
Tsubaki, the princess of the Muramasa clan, decided to go on a child-making trip for some reason. She has an ideal child with her half-youkai girl, Kohana. The child who was pregnant in the first part of the child-making pilgrimage edition appeared...
Childhood friends Shin and Michiru follow a mysterious rabbit one afternoon and end up in another world as legendary heroes! There they undertake a quest to save Lavi, the princess of the rabbits. But the monsters who stand in their way don't have...
29-12-2020, 09:53
GEKIDEN YOUITAN: AE1 v.1.9b /  撃電妖異譚-AE1-
Japanese Games
2 212
Important From this work onward, we are switching to RPG TKool MV. As of right now, the data combat elements we used in RPG Maker VX Ace are not implemented. * This is one of episodes in a series consists of short works, of which protagonist is each...
There exists a girl that transfers from school to school. Leaving a trail of juvenile delinquent blood in her path. People call her Kaptain Kamikaze!!...
Milene, a novice mage who lives with her sick father. Her dream is to save her father with magic. For that, strong magical power and funds are required. However, Milene, the lowest in the Mage Association, did not have both. An event will occur that...
A frontier village Fiel was one day put under the threat of monsters due to a sudden emergence of a dungeon. Many male villagers went to check on the dungeon but nobody has returned so far. While a pessimistic mood is spreading over the whole...
14-11-2020, 16:42
Holy Knight Luviria v.1.01
Hentai Games
3 074
In order to stop the demon lord before he returns to his full strength, the Holy Knight Luviria sets out with a brigade of knights to bring down the demonic leader. However, the newly resurrected demon lord has taken a special interest in her, and...