2-10-2021, 08:18
Red Pill v.0.32
Android Games
11 677
XXX sci-fi thriller. Have you ever thought about the fact that your whole life can be predetermined? What if there are no accidents, and fate is not fiction? What would you do if you could control other people's lives? The protagonist of the game is...
26-09-2021, 11:16
Novice Magician Lilia Can't Pass her Final Exam!
Hentai Games
1 747
The Kingdom of Ero has been investing in military might and magic to protect the country. Among it's new recruits is Lilia, a novice magician who is finally taking on her final exam. The job: To take back an orb that's been stolen by goblins... Can...
The main character of a new teacher who will serve as an advisor to the lady's club. However, there was a so-called "Bitch Club" where bitch gathered! Being involved in the director's decision race, the right to make decisions is entrusted to his...
There was a brave man who continued his journey alone. He couldn't drink alcohol, so-called Shimodo, so he couldn't recruit friends in the right place. Only with the belief that he would defeat the Demon King, he continued his long and rugged...
A Western-style building that stands quietly in the mountains, the Black Rose Museum ... Ryohei Takamiya, a university student who will stay there for a week as a tutor, triumphantly visits the museum. There lived three women in the hall: Marie...
25-06-2021, 12:28
OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!
Hentai Games
7 314
The protagonist, Takumi Kazuya, is a contributing author to the erotic light novel website [Let's do erotic novels!], where he writes erotic fiction. Soon after, he was contacted by a light novel publisher and his work reached a million hits. He sat...
13-06-2021, 13:00
Haramase Simulator v.
Hentai Games
4 908
Year 20XX. At the end of the Third World War, the ratio of men and women is 1 to 20,000. For the restoration of the population, various repopulation programs are being carried out by the country, for example, in Japan, suitable for the parameters...
It was a new announcer who saved the life of "Takuya Tsuya" - a lonely single middle aged man who lost the meaning of his life which was not blessed with work or relationship. A stance that professes to be single and not interested in relationship....
Elven Princess Knight Farina is in the midst of a decisive battle with the evil Dark Elf. She falls into a sneaky trap and she is sent to the modern world. Her Farina arrived at the protagonist who works on her daily masturbation. Farina, who hates...
Son-in-law Shinji and mother-in-law Sanae who work at the same company. Sanae was always worried as the next president of Shinji, who often makes mistakes in his work, in contrast to Sanae, who is a solid manager of the company. Sanae, who lives...