3-06-2021, 09:02
Trap Shrine
Hentai Games
2 147
The Goddess was a Crossdresser?! The enshrined deity turned out to be a cross dressing Goddess that was sealed to... marry ME?! The cross dressing legend starts here!...
3-06-2021, 08:58
Trap Legend / 女装神話
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 142
In the beginning, Crossdressers were the sun... And Goddesses too! A story of turmoil filled romance between man and crossdresser in modern times, brought back to the forefront by the Goddesses of legend! A hymn of love for the new generation of...
21-05-2021, 10:22
Tomgirls of the Mountain
Hentai Games
2 608
Aogiri Penta is a well-known creator of hentai manga and harem visuals. Main theme: trap heroines, they are also newhalf, they are also cute traps. That is, girls with penises and small breasts. Otherwise, they do not differ from ordinary girls,...
The night of the full moon. Pretty maid desperately to stop the Vampire army raided a variant of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It was a sneaky boredom but Flandre. Pretty maid in Van pie devoted hunter killer Request to the service of ruthless to try...
13-05-2021, 08:17
Josou Sennen Oukoku / 女装千年王国
Japanese Games
1 291
The hero summoned to different world. Able to wield a sacred sword and blessed by the goddess. He teams up with heroines to defeat demon king as that is only way he can be sent home. But is soon disappointed when that isn't enough. Is told he can't...
3-05-2021, 07:05
iyaa ranse ranse! / いやあ乱世乱世!
Japanese Games
1 621
Meiko Shir*ki is a ruthlessly cruel VP. However for a fleeting moment, she melts into gasping pleasures with a twat full of cum. After hte deed she's back to her bosslike self, until the next mero-mero f*cking. In the throes of sex she's putty in...
26-04-2021, 13:33
Tsuma no Niku Ana ni Homestay Suru Macho Ryuugakusei
Hentai Games
7 044
The Osaka family has hosted exchange students several times in the past, as housewife Aki loves children, but the family's financial situation did not allow them to have a second child in a couple with Rico's daughter. So again, a boy Danny comes to...
In a world where desire is suppressed by chemicals and sex itself is illegal, the reproduction rate has dropped to a dangerous low. An angel is sent to the town where the chemical is produced, which happens to be where Nagisa lives. Nagisa is...
Fanfiction by the Touhou Project. Hakurei Reimu, moonlighting as a pizza delivery girl, comes to the house of an ugly, disgusting man. And he just turned out to be a very suitable aphrodisiac for such cases, because of which the poor priestess turns...
10-04-2021, 12:45
The Northwood Lai EXR v.1.09
Porn Games
2 196
As a homecoming gift from your loyal henchmen, you are given a beautiful captive to train however you please. She must do as you wish and satisfy you and the others with her body, obeying your every command for 30 days. You must train her well to...