26-11-2021, 13:40
Foresia: The Cursed Oath / フォレシア呪われた誓約
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
Foresia, a high elf and resident of the Spirit Tree Forest, has been cursed. After her village was attacked by monsters and she was sold into sexual slavery, Foresia managed to escape with the help of a spirit. Though she was free, she's now...
One day, Takashi, the hero, suddenly reincarnated in the world of his favorite fantasy Harem Muranobe as [the evil personality of the hero]. Repel the personality of the good in the quick wit of instant also, the original Takashi is [holy sword]...
This is a side-scrolling simulation game. Talk to different types of goblins, sometimes etch and collect the necessary items to create the key to the room where the magic wand is stored and aim to escape. Goblins also have different personalities...
This is an action games that contains a special turn based system. This is our first game. Bandits, animals, monsters... Find a way home in this dangerous, cursed space. If lost in battle, Estella can level up using the "Succubus Power" gained...
7-11-2021, 14:24
Lost Life v.1.43 / 失われた生命
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
51 387
The current version contains "Missionary Sex" and "Blowjob" scenes. Play in vault repopulation guide....
You're a government official in the empire, and, with the emperor's illness, you've decided now is your chance to wrest control of the nation for yourself. However, the emperor's lone daughter Tiana and her closest aides pose the largest threat to...
Kuru, the royal sword warrior, is ordered by the king to explore the Seiko forest, which is said to contain the altar of the god Kuseshiri. In the middle of the investigation, he meets Umi's girlfriend, who is an ordinary person. To help Kuru, who...
1-07-2021, 13:58
NAKED EXTRA / 裸のエキストラ
Japanese Games
An RPG about a girl who is forced into exhibition in a slum-town! Try to fulfill your orders, but be wary: if citizens see you, they're likely to chase you down, and violate you!...
Corporate Security Committee (commonly known as CSC). A public institution that judges the evil of a company so that employees of the company can work with peace of mind. It is an organization that aims to improve the country by sometimes removing...
15-05-2021, 08:54
Time loop NTR / タイムループNTR
Japanese Games
1 501
One day, when the main character got along with the heroine and everything seemed to be smooth sailing, they had an accident and somehow went to a different world !! Can they be reunited with the heroine who lost his memory due to the impact of...