This work is "invasion by devil army SLG" to defeat the hero of the troops of demons. Deprives the item while fighting in various places, and earn money by selling in the shop, and strengthen the devil army. "Defeat three brave" of the goal is. That...
Francoise is a poor nobleman of Tengaikodoku is, She lived a noble girl, but very poor. So poor that she had no substitute for cowards ... And she lived in a wreck in the downtown area. Such a poor wreck - that only the cot was there. And about her...
2-03-2020, 13:35
Parallel fantasy IF+ 2.2d
Hentai Games
On a distant continent of Fiensburg, there is the Wolsun Academy dedicated to training adventure seekers. One of the teachers is a girl named Athi. Despite her young age, she managed to become famous as an adventurer, as well as an academy teacher....