3-11-2021, 15:58
The Demon Lord's Treasure v.1.01 / 魔王の秘宝
Japanese Games
Take the reigns of the Demon Lord. Manage and protect your territory, raise a variety of monsters to fight for you, captured heroines of legend, and turn them into monster breeding beds for future generations. Use the prospect of treasure to lure in...
1-11-2021, 12:51
Hero treasure v.1.01 / 魔王の秘宝
Japanese Games
Manage your territory as a monster aristocrat of the Demon King camp. Raise more monsters, catch legendary heroes, and use them as nurseries for the prosperity of your descendants. Attract heroes with treasure, set up traps and monsters, and catch...
Aria is cleaning the dank basement of the lord's manor, and finds a hidden room within. She spots a mysterious creature that quickly disappears, and while searching for its whereabouts, ends up getting whisked off to a strange town. Can Aria escape...
A bishoujo monster raising game, complete with battle ero, status effects, and NTR. The heromons are beautiful girls that swear their loyalty and virginity to you,. Train a total of 11 unique monsters to your liking, and watch out for cuckoldry if...
A man was banished from the church. He is a "saint" who can hear the voice of "God." It had a mission to save the world. The incarnation of my god is necessary for the salvation. To that end, we must continue to devote our good soul to "God." Having...
The main character, the female knight Rihanna, goes to investigate the ruins. She is accidentally transferred to a place with her helper, Sao Yak, during her investigation. It was a dungeon where H was forcibly required to escape. Sao Yak decides to...
13-03-2021, 10:25
Hit Maiden v.1.01 / ヒットメイデン
Japanese Games
The savior of their world was summoned from another. And she has big boobs....
21-02-2021, 09:32
Hayazaki inmoraru / 早咲きインモラル
Japanese Games
1 879
Main character, home of Yugami Saki's parents I had many brothers and I didn't have my own room As soon as I entered school, I rented a room in an apartment that my uncle ran. However, the Yugami family has no money. Of course, Hayasaki didn't have...
Aria from the previous game somehow fell down to underground. The purpose of this game is to give her an escape....
28-09-2020, 12:27
Extreme! Orgasm Training! v.1.02
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 448
The heroine, who has been trapped in a secret laboratory by a mad scientist’s trick, continues to endure the naughty cum training by the machine....