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An RPG about the bondage, torture and humiliation of a female ninja. Ayame was a rather pretty girl to be working at a dumpling shop. That's because her true form was a promising "kunoichi". But, she was still extremely new. The time has only just...
Original drawing. All games by this author are made in this style. - Travel as a "man" through portals and walk around the world, accompanying/saving young ladies. Time acceleration - English button "X"....
We travel as "the man" through portals and walk through the world, accompanying or rescuing young ladies....
12-12-2022, 05:19
Queen of Thrones v.1.0 Intro
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Queen of Thrones is a parody game, in which you'll take the role of a young queen who were destined to rule the Kingdoms across the sea. But you know, not always everything goes like we want to. Will she succeed in taking back what is hers? Or maybe...
12-12-2022, 05:09
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This is the continent of Queens, ruled by women. Men are second-class citizens to them. What will they do to stop the main character - a young guy who by fate became the ruler of the most prosperous and hated for them kingdom? From the birth of...
7-12-2022, 15:54
Rorikue 2 ~ Pure White ~ v.4.12
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When the Dark Devil rises after decades of slumber, it is a priest of the Central Church of Gadhys. A magical hero is enlisted to guard the priest. However, the Dark Devil has already gained that countless priests heroes have been lost to the...
RPG that aims to escape the woman knight to explore the Demon Castle Group of monsters that appeared suddenly in the Kingdom it was peace . Woman knight Lida would be trapped in the Demon Castle by a mysterious man led by a demon . Really , can you...
5-12-2022, 14:41
My Litle Femdom v.0.02
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Dark times have come to Exestria, Princess Luna has staged a coup with a stolen potion from Zecora. All of Sprinkle's former friends now only want her body and to obey orders, so what will Sprinkle do?...
This is an RPG where a young girl and her clumsy pixie companion try to evolve her into a magical heroine while protecting her chastity... is that possible? Unlock 3 endings, each with a different scenario....
30-11-2022, 13:57
Horny Witch: Crusade
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Horny Witch: Crusade is a precision platformer combined with a visual novel, telling a story of Adria, a young Nymphomage who posses some pretty strong powers as well as sexual urges which she can’t control. She needs to have sex regularly or else...