Healer Lulushe is troubled about how she can deepen her bond with the hero, so she tries various methods to accomplish that. The conclusion she arrives at: I'll become the hero's mother! Just how will things progress?...
Use sex to have sex for more sex!!! Use your phallic wiles and f*ck for great justice. Plus, you know, gather money and level up and all that good stuff!...
A short battle-intense strip RPG. High speed matches, naked knockouts. Female combatants enter the erosseum once again... A newcomer has taken the champion's throne! Protagonist Elm is back to reclaim it....
23-12-2021, 14:31
Ten nobori senki shina monika v.2.01 / 天昇戦記シナモニカ
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 039
Hampered by ocean currents cursed, there was an island in a boat can not go out. Called "island prison" people the desolate island that poor, we will outlaw domination - It is a RPG adventure that manipulates the Ymir girl. Prison Island, residents...
23-12-2021, 14:22
Kedamon Quest v.1.04 / ケダモンクエスト
Japanese Games
Age you are fighting people together by using a shield and sword still when People had spread the Co-Prosperity Sphere is superposed a dispute to fight to obtain the peace and interests ... Is in the process of being fought with neighboring...
The heroine Rosalie was thrown into the Great Maze of Auburn, a confounding oubliette dungeon from which there is no return. Traps await, sexual monsters lurk, and the deep goes deeper... Tentacle rape, brutal traps, girl-hungry incubus and...
21-12-2021, 17:58
Hentai Games
2 529
This game is about a girl named Mina who became a priestess for 30 days....
13-12-2021, 11:53
Night of Revenge v.0.54
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
24 265
Night of Revenge is a 2D action RPG hack and slash Game from D-Lis, the maker of Bullet Requiem from back in 2015, The gameplay is inspired by Dark Souls and Metroidvania with combine visuals action of its above-average production values. You play...
8-12-2021, 16:27
Nymphomania Priestess Alpha v.0.41a1
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
10 651
The protagonists are a male fledgeling adventurer and a priestess. The priestess is modest and ladylike for the public, but in fact, she is deeply into the adventurer and crazy about his dick. The story is about the girl who is way too horny on the...
It is a casual RPG aimed at H scenes without any difficult battles or complicated dungeons. The hero who came to the remote area with his sister-in-law, Teruse , will revive the Demon King who was sealed in the remote area. However, the Demon King...