31-03-2021, 07:40
A Wife And Mother v.0.115
Android Games
7 490
The game is a decision-based visual novel in which the narration is on behalf of Sofia Parker, a happy middle-aged married woman, mother of two children. Her husband has just transferred to a new job, so Sofia and her family are moving from a small...
29-03-2021, 11:32
Exorcist Charlotte / 祓魔少女シャルロット
Japanese Games
1 629
In this violation RPG, you play as transforming nun heroine Charlotte on her journey to exorcise evil demons while trying to save her classmate from a monster-infested ruin!...
In a far off era, a far off world. War has ravaged the land. It's a time of death, and chaos. Elise is a mercenary that's lived off the war together with her comrades. But one day, she returned from negotiations from her employer to find her entire...
Suddenly while returning home The main character (Runa), who came home soaked in the rain , was in a mysterious space when she took a bath, masturbated, and went to bed. Upon exiting that space, a mysterious grandfather and a young man are advised...
10-03-2021, 10:56
Princess Knight Claris
Hentai Games
1 511
Claris the princess knight is the most powerful swordswoman and sorceress in the land. Her hobbies are killing bandits, and spends a lot of time killing harmless bandits. One day, she gets possessed by a bandit who she had killed! Now you can decide...
Amateur witch Kurone gets her first big mission: her mother Karinka wants her to stop an out-of-control witch who's causing problems in the city. This is an open world RPG where you can win just by seeking out porn stuff, if you want (you can also...
Rukucha, who has the appropriate magical power, will leave the orphanage and enroll in the Witch Training Academy. She was paid only for her entrance fee and uniform fee. She is told on the first day of enrollment that she will need a tuition fee...
17-02-2021, 14:02
Sorcery Kingdom / ソーサリーキングダム
Japanese Games
Recent magic school graduate Leticia needs to impress Albert, the wizard of Antheim Castle. TO do this, she sets out to challenge the Demon Cave Altrincham. What destiny awaits her...? The adventure unfolds from your base in Vernagun! Can you...
11-02-2021, 12:00
Key of Egg v.1.09 / 卵の鍵
Japanese Games
In a hidden away village, there lived a family with a power that cannot be shown to the world. They lived while protecting and passing down the family heirloom, the "Key of Egg". However, some decades ago, it was stolen away, and they now live lives...
9-02-2021, 08:33
Ayame in Shades v.1.05 / 夜陰のあやめ
Japanese Games
In the Ayame family, it is called "Ghost Purification" once every six months. It has inherited traditional events from generation to generation. And Ayame will take over the event for the second time An incident occurs on the day of purifying....