13-12-2020, 13:06
Sakurako Quest v.1.10
Hentai Games
1 436
Control Sakurako, let him walk around the city and take risks, doing shameful things. * The thrill of exposure The pleasure will be even stronger if someone passes by and sees her. Make your choice during the events, which can immediately lead to 3...
A short RPG themed around a "Prison Tower" where a treasure is said to be hidden. Collect items and equipment from treasure boxes throughout the tower, and defeat monsters as you make your way to the top! Will Aldy the treasure hunter be able to...
13-12-2020, 12:36
Renalith SAGA v.1.02 / レナリスサーガ
Japanese Games
Adventure RPG game taking place in the world of El Titarnal....
13-12-2020, 12:07
Civilian Justice League 2 v.1.02
Hentai Games
1 390
A girl Haruka's hometown was destroyed by the evil institution Jakou. As she grew up, she had determined her mind to accomplish vengeance upon Jakou. Now she is the pilot of the bipedal robot in the Civilian Justice League. Since she belongs to a...
Meria decides to become an adventurer, and takes a job from a certain guild. She is dispatched to a village to take care of some bandits who have been threatening them. Whether is monster or bandit, with her brazen personality, she'll tell them off...
There exists a girl that transfers from school to school. Leaving a trail of juvenile delinquent blood in her path. People call her Kaptain Kamikaze!!...
The year 23XX. A world where civilization collapsed, and everything reset. As humans return to prominence, so do the ninjas working behind the scenes. Among them, the Koga ninja Ayaha and her son Aime spend their days taking on jobs from the...
Randy exterminates monsters in the surrounding areas and is respected as a hero. His wife and party member, Selena, both retire from adventuring after defeating the demon king. After giving birth to a daughter, they live peaceful lives as villages....
5-12-2020, 16:49
Shame of agents
Hentai Games
1 663
These are two short stories about agents who infiltrated an enemy factory. The first mission is to rescue the hostages, and the second mission is the backstory of the first. You can play as two agents: Reina and Sharon. H-Scenes are different for...
"The Elven Tear", a legendary treasure spoken of since ancient times. Everyone knows the legend, but none know if it really exists. In this RPG, an innocent treasure hunter named Latee is violated by lusty men, monsters, and ero-traps during her...