Anette the magical detective braves the Labyrinth of the Wolfling to try and find her missing brother. The erotic sleuth-search RPG! STORY The Labyrinth of the Wolfling... It's a place of dangerous monsters, half human, half beast. It took the life...
6-03-2021, 07:15
HuniePop 2: Double Date v.1.03
Hentai Games
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An era of darkness and destruction draws near as an ancient evil of limitless lechery, the Nymphojinn, will soon be awoken by a cosmic super-period of unspeakable PMS. Reunite with Kyu, your old love fairy sidekick, and travel to the island of Inna...
9-02-2021, 08:58
Princess Knight Lydia / 姫騎士リディア
Japanese Games
There are two princesses in the Altein Empire. Lydia is the eldest, swordfighter of the dancer knights, under the blessing of goddess Finora. Furizia is the younger, guardian of the sealed demonworld gate, under the blessing of Tianon. When their...
24-01-2021, 09:13
Shitai o Arau / 肢体を洗う
Japanese Games
Yasaka wants to be a doctor but while instead he has to work as a "body washer" in the hospital, as well as satisfy Deputy Director Chigusu. All would be fine, because the professor is beautiful, but Yasaka is in love with Miako and that what...
18-01-2021, 13:25
Girl warrior v.1.02 / 少女戦士
Japanese Games
It is a simple side-scrolling action. It will being fucked Touching the enemy in that state would be clothes is damaged when it receives a specific attack. And recalls all released at the clear, scene recovery is not required....
Phrase was recruited to the kingdom of regular soldiers from that hero "Spring". Hull was a mercenary is at once a large career as a Guard of princesses. ............ Or a think Ki and why turn in that it has helped the princess!? At once ask...
You can choose one of 3 characters. The game itself begins in the center right building. Entrance to the elevator. Lots of floors. Each level is always randomly generated. The game is a kind of maze or playing field. The player has a limited number...
Robin the protagonist meets a girl by the name of Io from the slums. She was carrying a book that she said was handed down from her high-born mother. Robin hears Io's pleas, and with the help of his senpai Louise, they begin to decipher the book....
You play as the main character, who is a teacher that is magically transported to an all girls school. This school is not based on reality and can't be found on a map. With no information where on how you got here, you are faced with two options;...