27-10-2020, 14:00
Panophobia / 黒い染み
Japanese Games
A belt action stealth game in which you manipulate the protagonist and escape from the eerie world of monsters....
An novice magician girl named Melum sets off to investigate a cursed village as part of a guild quest. What awaited her there was a cesspool of darkness. A clamor of tentacles, demons, monsters and mystery .......
A short RPG, in which schoolgirl Mio Mizuki, is to escape from a crazy laboratory. Could she safely get out of the lab? Or will it be another victim? Its fate is in your hands! In the game there are 12 CG hentai scenes....
No one dwells now "Ayanokoji House". Yamanobe is a university professor is a friend of Ayanokoji is an owner of the house. The holding an interest in this mansion is the oldest, with the permission of the Ayanokoji. It comes to search and take the...
Defeat the zombies with a scalpel throw and bat attack, attempt to escape while searching in the hospital Search type 2D action game. Keyboard mobile with a scalpel attack at Z crouching jump X with a bat attack S becomes the menu screen in the...
29-08-2020, 11:33
Hentai Games
A world of light. A world where no person has a shadow. In this world was a boy. Because he lived in this world, he too had no shadow. Then, one day, the boy met a girl, a girl who did have a shadow. The girl invited him to come with her to a world...
28-08-2020, 07:10
Virgins of Lily town / 百合町の処女
Japanese Games
"Lilly Town". Over the long time is there, barbarians called Dado ~ uru was reigning. Despicably possessive, Dado ~ uru was edible and consolation to the women's group called Rirumu. Rirumu is relegated to the Holdback district, so as to give the...
Occurred in Hokkaido Toyakata City, men and women continuous disappearance. The incident converge remains unexpectedly known to anyone, much without having to spread to the world The weathered immediately, but went forgotten ... This incident, the...
17-07-2020, 12:31
Shaku waga - SYAKUGA - 1.09 / 釈我-SYAKUGA-
Japanese Games
Sixteen months in the making, SYAKUGA is a pornographic homage to the splatter violence / grindhouse action genre. Completely original and unapologetically gruesome: attack, jump, slide, weapon, and with the newly-added "seize" button your way...
27-05-2020, 14:00
Transcendent Ep.2
Porn Games
Transcendent is a spinoff of my main game Outbreak. You (The MC) will discover that the world is not what it seems, as you travel and encounter entities once thought of as only fictional....