22-01-2021, 15:39
ASYLUM v.1.20
Hentai Games
This work is an independent work different from the "SEQUEL" series....
19-12-2020, 08:26
Shattered Lands v.0.51
Hentai Games
You will be given an assortment of Tiamat, a Dragoness. Emerging from the bowels of a mountain, you come to the continent of Dilmoon. This world is filled with mysterious tribes of orcs, ruins teeming with caes, and scorching deserts, caves, and...
This time, the action moves to the magical kingdom of Almagarden. He passes through the forest, chased by zombies, targeted by succubi, attacked by wolf girls... Then, a glimpse of a certain someone from a previous series....
Riese lives with a witch mom in the house near the forest. Suddenly, I went to the forest alone at the first time to help my mom. “First time” is full of encounters and temptations....
Mira the alchemist in training fails at making a potion and become a futanari! Work on creating a potion to fix her futanari penis while dealing with different witches and monster girls that come looking to drain her!...
The protagonist decides to become a slave trader on a whim. For starters, he buys a cat-eared girl, Yuma, as his assistant to answer the requests of people seeking slaves. You'll travel all over the kingdom. If you defeat bandits and dangerous...
22-10-2020, 18:04
Sexperiment v.0.3.5
Porn Games
So what is SEXPERIMENT? At first glance, this is a banal sex simulator, but don't jump to conclusions. The essence of the game is not just to pick a couple and passively watch them copulate. Your task is to conduct experiments. Their essence is to...
20-10-2020, 16:39
SHRIFT v.5.24 / シュリフト
Japanese Games
The protagonist Kazuya has an accident, after which he falls into a coma. Waking up after 5 years, he finds himself in a capsule of cryogenic sleep in an underground shelter-bunker. Soon he manages to communicate with his friend Yuma wirelessly....
18-10-2020, 06:01
Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy
Hentai Games
After making a big mistake while trying to craft a potion at the alchemy university, the apprentice alchemist Mira finds that she has exposed herself to an elixir that made fundamental changes to her body. Now she must go in search of the...
26-09-2020, 14:01
Ryona no Shima / Island of Hardcore / リョナの島
Japanese Games
BML presents, in the style of Ryona no Mori (lit., "Forest of Hardcore") a girl vs. monster classic battle RPG with shameful consequences ... you're never quite sure what will happen, but it'll be "ryona"! 20 base CGs, 2 ~ 3 hours of playtime Lose...