8-11-2020, 11:24
Fallen Obscene Vampire / 堕落の淫蕩吸血鬼
Japanese Games
One night, a vampire Doris woke up in a cemetery. When she asked a sister who was nearby, her own “ghost castle” was taken away by a mysterious monster king one hundred years ago Furious Doris, to regain his castle, she escaped from human territory...
8-11-2020, 11:17
Lust Demon Lisavile
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
The girl Risaveli, who was blown into a different space, becomes a magical girl's that needs to clear a tower filled with monsters. Can Risaveli, who may get gangbanged by monsters, seek the exit while sprinkling semen and breast milk return to the...
The pioneering island Aretia in the Imperial territory. The story begins when a young girl, Syl, who admires adventurers, visits the island. Green plains, vast seas, volcanoes. And many of the ruins that have been sleeping since ancient times... Syl...
A girl who woke up in a mysterious dungeon. Various monsters block the girl's way. Can she safely get out of the place? Rate the new game discipline visual novel....
7-11-2020, 12:44
Ruins Seeker v.1.01
Hentai Games
Adventurer Quem who visited dungeon "Heaven's Ladder" that nobody has been able to follow for over 500 years. Immediately after entering the dungeon, Quem gets a surprise and gets "cursed" by a shadow-like demon .... A shadow demon that disappears...
You play as Maika defending the city from malicious organizations as the magical girl, Noble Rose....
Sara is an unemployed, low-level Y*utuber. Unable to keep up with her debt payments, she ends up owing a hundred million gold. She gets drawn in by a story that's too good to be true, and turns treasure hunter, setting off to find the ruins of...
A villager boy Ian went out of the village with the view of grabbing a big money, but the reality is severer than his expectation. When he comes back to the village with his dream turned sour, he finds that his childhood friend girl Eve suffers from...
5-11-2020, 16:02
Journey of Depravity / 堕落の旅路
Japanese Games
Adventurers Mimi and Lana make their living hunting stray monsters. But one day, Lana disappears. Mimi sets of on a real adventure to find Lana......
The world on the verge of the extinction by wicked magician `Neville' of the one. Demons produced by `magician Neville' change men defeated by to the demon named the Sara, Make the woman whom I arrested `seedbed', and increase numbers...