The main character (name can be changed) who has a large body but is not confident in his appearance and has been living a lonely withdrawal life for many years due to the remittance of his parents. It is a game in which he lives with a beautiful...
20-09-2020, 10:48
SEQUEL colony 2.0.2
Hentai Games
This work is a continuation of the past "SEQUEL" series, but there are no scenarios or H scenes that presuppose the play of the previous works , so you can enjoy the whole game by itself. I will....
Natsume girl helped the life companies to fight the secret society of evil by the "private justice company" is It is decided that he also fight to become its member. But it would have been insulted if defeated in battle, That is brought into the...
19-09-2020, 12:27
The first thing you do when you become a girl Collection
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
The first thing you do when you become a girl: Waking up one morning, Natsuki realizes that he has turned into a girl. The situation is, to put it mildly, ambiguous. But no matter what happens, do not be discouraged - it is better to look at...
19-09-2020, 12:16
Unashamed Statement
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
The local school table tennis club consisted of only one lazy guy who could not win a single game. The situation was supposed to change Arisa, a girl with character, assigned to them by the manager, so as not to let the descent and follow the...
19-09-2020, 11:57
Moving CGs: single 1.0 / 動くCGs-Single-
Japanese Games
This is a set of erotic animations featuring that girl of "idol and cinderella" type....
"I decided .... I need to lose weight! I need to lose weight !!" You play as an elven obsession with thirst to lose weight. She goes on a trip to find a magic potion of weight loss! During the trip, you will have different companions. The dungeon,...
At the most prestigious magic academy, there is a genius girl by the name of Elma. Too bad that everyone considers her field of study, Magic Archeology, to be worthless. For a change of pace, she heads to the eastern lands, along the way a...
Sakura Himesaki is a naughty virgin who's into nudism, taking off her clothes in the empty classroom. It's not enough for her anymore. She wants a bigger thrill. Guide Sakura to "exhibition points" on map to expose her. This game features: - 22 base...
12-09-2020, 08:16
Areas of GRAY v1.0
Porn Games
A middle-aged writer moves into a new apartment in a huge skyscraper. He doesn’t even imagine that he and his family are waiting outside the new dwelling ......