- Enjoy lewd days with a poor bullied girl who became a shut-in in this pixel animation SLG. - Enjoy more situations for longer by raising your level, and cover her in your sticky cum!...
Control the protagonist Ashita, to defeat monsters, and run away while completing stages and ultimately defeating the stage's boss....
This time, the action moves to the magical kingdom of Almagarden. He passes through the forest, chased by zombies, targeted by succubi, attacked by wolf girls... Then, a glimpse of a certain someone from a previous series....
7-11-2020, 12:08
Collection TissuBox games
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
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A collection of pixel games in the simulator genre from the developer TissuBox. List of games 薄暗い部屋の中で一人ぼっちの女の子とランデブー / Rendezvous with a Lonely Girl in a Dark Room [JAP] 和散漫的同學一起度過H生活 / Everyday Sexual Life with a Sloven Classmate [ENG]...
Mira the alchemist in training fails at making a potion and become a futanari! Work on creating a potion to fix her futanari penis while dealing with different witches and monster girls that come looking to drain her!...
3-11-2020, 19:29
Flower Witch / フラワーウィッチ
Japanese Games
Kurosane the witch and her student Nako run a magic store deep in the woods. One day, they come across a white flower that they have never seen before. Its pollen had the power to put monsters into heat to violate humans......
2-11-2020, 18:22
J*Fight v.1.02
Hentai Games
Aoki Mai's father suddenly disappears, leaving only a short letter for his daughter. Immediately after her, a certain Satake from the Yakuza calls and tells her to come to him to talk about her father. At the meeting, Aoki finds out that dad took a...
2-11-2020, 18:10
Leila is Mine! / レイラは私のものです!
Japanese Games
Today I saw Leila talking to some teenager. He was surrounded by beautiful girls, but ... he decided to seduce my Leila ?! I learned from the bartender that this is his companions are only girls who happily jump into his bed ... And he isn't enough?...
31-10-2020, 17:53
Chijoku no byoshitsu / 恥辱の病室
Japanese Games
A man who has caused Takeo, who is the president of a small business, to be seriously injured. Takeo apologized to the hospital, but Takeo did not forgive the man. Meanwhile, at the same time the sound that became the responsible nurse comes to say...
31-10-2020, 17:47
D.P. v.1.01
Japanese Games
A story of siblings who are swayed around by fate. An an RPG style game that allows for quick and easy play. Approx. 17 scene without using CG. Created using old-school style animations....