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11-11-2022, 13:40
Zetsurin Senhime Rape Girl / 絶倫戦姫レイプガール
Japanese Games
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An incubus is an evil demon that disguises itself as a human being. Renka Orihime, the daughter of one of Japan's leading conglomerates, was born with the ability to detect the presence of incubus. In order to protect the weak, Renka fights lewd...
30-01-2022, 13:09
Raise me! v.1.02 / 私を育てなさい!
Japanese Games
A magician living in a remote location away from society takes in a pupil named Mako, and decides to help train her into a fully-fledged magician! She's brimming with confidence, but that's about all she has. It's time for this former magical...
Can I recover the stolen student ID card !? 4 days of a girl struggling in the sekisho district where desires swirl !! The main character is Lucy, a student enrolled in the Medic department of the adventurer training organization "Farnas Magic...
Modified humans known as fiends are created with the purpose of crossbreeding to make a new race. To fulfill their desires, both they and Queen battle nightly in Hachimiya City. Among this, a new powerful girl with a similarly modified body arrives...
Milly diagnosed as "Muma curse" finds the "elixir Timer" needed to solve the curse. Gran Grimm....