30-10-2020, 07:11
Pray Game / 祈るゲーム
Japanese Games
The main character, "Arcy," is a student of an innocent young lady magic school who was sent to an isolated island during the attack on her house . Her magical device, which is a black box, attracts various desires. What happened to her ... To find...
The protagonist Aria goes out for picnic one day with his best friend Shia raised in the same facility. Two people spending a calm time, but on the way back she suddenly falls ... Aria's quest row has begun now, betting on everything to save a...
29-10-2020, 16:20
Twins of the Pasture
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
This is a story about twin sisters who live in the pasture. Their parents ran away leaving a huge debt. Two sisters have to pay back money in 120 days…...
The year is 1911. The protagonist Ellio was living a loving life with his elf wife Loretta. Using their strengths at work, they were doing well in both aspects of their lives. However, Loretta wasn't good with H things, and Ellio was insecure so...
27-10-2020, 14:09
Time Traveler Marie
Hentai Games
Marie, who had completely lost her memory, lost her way in the snowdrift town "Itomea". The only thing she remembered was her name.... Why and for what purpose had she come... she did not remember. When she talked to a man in the area, she realized...
She's a grand witch, but ends up starring in porn to pay off her debt!? After surmounting considerate debt, she must choose between: [Starring in porn] or [Investigating dangerous ruins] in this RPG. Will you choose to rid her of her pride, and...
The world of IF where Charles babejji invented a difference engine and the analytical engine. The Shopie which lived in steam city London began an activity as the Tantei taking advantage of absence of father. A phantom thief and gang war to enliven...
You (the main character) who set up a shop in Teito will soon be involved in the policy set out by Teito ... so that the shop will not be crushed. Make more money than other shops!...
25-10-2020, 09:01
Hentai Games
I liked making up when I was a little girl. People could be another person if you're good at it. I live on this woman's technique. That's it. It's not me who is prostituting. I wear wigs and dress costumes. I'm just playing the role. Now, who should...
23-10-2020, 15:40
Slave's Sword 2 -Imperial Revolution-
Hentai Games
After having been victorious in the battle for the Free City, Luna and her allies begin taking important bases of the Empire. However, while getting very close to the Imperial Capital, Luna is confronted by an opponent who is totally out of her...