10-04-2021, 12:12
Cucking Trap / 寝取られトラップ
Japanese Games
Mamoru, Mafuyu, Takashi, and Kana have been friends since high school. Even after entering university, they sometimes hang out together. On one of those days, the four of them go to an "Exchange Hall". For this theme park-like experience, two...
When they awoke, they realized they have washed up on a shore. They had been enjoying their school boat trip but an accident occurred and they were now stranded on a remote island. They awaited rescue while trying their best to remember what...
Quest clear type hunter life RPG ・ The hero who came to his fiancé's hometown to have a wedding ceremony is a terrible area contaminated to obtain the material "Unicorn horn" necessary for the bride's veil. It is a game that goes to and completes...