20-04-2021, 13:51
Kingdom of SEXUAL SLAVE / 性奴隷王国
Japanese Games
It is possible to capture the heroine of a total five "revenge fantasy RPG"! Story is split by way of capture! The head of the thieves got stuck in the royal guards The operation, case revenge on one royal guards of 4 people!...
Was born to a wealthy family of the human world half Mystic (mystics and human mixed race) girl, Madoka is One day, the assault on the man of mystery, is confined to the frontier of the mansion. There was a hideout of rape group that recently...
Before she saw her first ogre, Minami was just a girl in the town of Kannagicho. Seeing the beast terrified her into paralysis but before the ogre slayed her, she was saved by her grandmother Rishi. Rishi collapsed in exhaustion; Minami brought her...
Long ago, age ...... that was fighting world is divided into darkness and light. In the midst of the devil army of villainy suite, just wanting to insult a woman The rogue our six people holding a heart small scale of "evil", had continued to Kuwasa...
14-04-2021, 12:39
Firia your job DAYS / フィリアのお仕事DAYS
Japanese Games
Looking for a job in the urban village daughter! Up experimental medicine maid, the whore in mercenary occupation? Earn money to work, the target job in the city? Part-time worker or self-indulgent life? Events are also plenty naughty of course! Of...
8-04-2021, 11:03
Hundred Demon's Womb / 百鬼魔胎
Japanese Games
1 147
When an incident causes the city to be overrun by demons, few women are left. Those that are are hunted by the men, who have turned into little more than lustful monsters. The demons are a bit more complicated, however... some want the women dead,...
8-04-2021, 10:56
Four Elements Trainer v.0.9.2
Hentai Games
6 296
Training of the Four Elements - The first book is "Water", the second book is "Fire" and the third book is "Earth": So, you sat at home, didn’t touch anyone, and suddenly ... It turns out that you are a new Avatar and now the future of the whole...
The most brutal 2D fighting game, the gameplay is very similar to Mortal Combat (combinations of the form of down-forward-strike, two whole modes of fatality). The game has six characters, four women, two men, and only one arena. Included with the...
4-04-2021, 17:21
Monster Girl Summoner / もんむすサマナー
Japanese Games
Silver Sunrise is a brief RPG where deflowering can happen at any turn. Will you protect hers? Will you give consent or fall victim to r*pe; with monsters or people? Lesbian love or a gangbang?...
23-03-2021, 15:19
Pact With A Witch v.0.14.06
Android Games
4 625
Your roommate and best friend tries to rape Neus, the most introverted of the whole design school, who bites him just after you save her. You discover that bite was not only for self-defense, it also contains a bewitching that turns your roomate...