The Knights of Eleno are in fact mercenaries defending the kingdom of Schubertz. Recently hired protagonist undertakes for different missions for the sake of extra money, and ends up doing a task that will play an important role in destiny .....
Charlotte is the Queen of the Central Kingdom, known as one of the major power. She is not just a Queen, but also a proficient tactician who has brought triumphs to a number of wars. Furthermore, the people in the Kingdom acknowledge her as the good...
30-05-2020, 13:58
Helena Mercenary Corps ~The Cuckolded Comrades~
Hentai Games
John is a boy who just recently starts working as a mercenary, accepted by the Helena's Mercenary Army. Although this group mainly consists of female fighters, they have made significant achievements in the army's history. One day the army...
4-04-2020, 16:13
Dark Amulet
Japanese Games
Dark alchemist Lolion brings chaos to the world, Turning people into golden statues. Dragon Princess Sylvia from Valenstein I got the cursed sword "Dark Amulet" from The mysterious necromancer Meigas, who Made her perform a special quest Together...
When a zombie outbreak occurs in a Japanese city, The "Taimashi Himeko" (demon exorcist princess) with the power to drive them out Spreads her legs and f * cks hard, defecates profusely from her babyhole, in battle! Play types favor the abnormal:...