30-10-2020, 06:24
Summertime Saga v.0.20.7
Android Games
5 888
In the life of a young guy there are many different problems and concerns, especially at the dawn of graduation from high school. Nobody has canceled study, household chores and puberty, and thoughts that curl in a hot head do not give rest either...
Saint Demi Lune Female Academy--- A maiden academy that only futanari magic creatures can attend. Noa was cross-dressing and secretly attending the academy while helping his classmate Karen relieve sexual tension. However, one day an event occurs...
29-10-2020, 16:24
NAKED PLUS / ネイキッドプラス
Japanese Games
Rin has a compulsive exposure fetish. She wears no panties to school, hustling and bustlingin preparation for the senior class party....
Getting feminized, you are a female teacher in a men's school. With man's mind, you are going to be r * ped by all delinquent male students in this humiliating story! For the sake of their hometown ---- They step foot on the adventure....
Your niece "Maki Kusuda" eventually stayed with you. It turns out she began working part-time. However, her school does not allow students to work part-time. Like her uncle, I have to look further, but ......
23-10-2020, 14:04
Sacred Sword Princesses DL v.1.73
Hentai Games
Ambitious Mistress of the Night seeks to swallow the kingdom of Midgardia. This magnificent land created by the goddess Moon, Mani, is inhabited exclusively by women. You were called by the Goddess herself to protect this virgin land. Together with...
20-10-2020, 16:35
Shouta's Tragic Day
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
The peaceful life of the main character - Shoty, was broken by a series of unexpected events that, like a snowball will haunt him, on this long-suffering day ... It all started in the morning when he woke up from the fact that his mother and sister...
Saya Shinouji is a descendant of a great sorcerer. She has been spending her days using her talent and training in exorcism to search for her estranged mother in another realm. But she received a sudden request. It was from a girl named Yui whose...
An animated game to play with rpg-style battles! Enjoy your reaction! Cohabit monsters and humans The protagonist is shifted to another world dominated by monster girls. Gaining freedom from the monsters, enjoy the battles with these monster girls!...
THIS \ Schoolgirl in Japanese. The sandbox simulator, where the main character is a schoolgirl Hazumi, lives alone in a newly rented apartment. It is proposed to earn money for life as an ordinary part-time job, and trips to the love hotel....