12-11-2020, 15:44
Naked Story
Hentai Games
1 168
If lose the match Strip on the street ! Streaking in the city ! This is a unique "Japanese Sugoroku" adventure game. Serious honor student “Fujisawa Ruri” was both caring and kind, and was praised by classmates and juniors. One day, his serious...
8-11-2020, 11:15
The Evilslayer Maiden v.2.02
Hentai Games
The main character is Onimoto Otome. She studies at the academy, and studies various anomalies and puzzles. - To open some scenes you need to lose to the bosses; revenge is available. - A higher level of “excitement” is needed to view certain H...
In a world where flying is as simple as riding a bicycle, there is a popular sport called “Flying Circus.”The protagonist once had a bright future ahead of him in that field of sports but due to an overwhelming defeat in addition to a certain other...
Kanami Komiya is a diligent looking school student, but she has a secret interest - exhibitionism! One day she's invited onto a social media platform for exhibitionists called RD by a girl called Marina and gets into some real exhibitionist action!...
Yuko, the main character of this work, escaped desperately with the skirt undressed while the flesh fluttered by a student who suddenly turned into a zombie in the school. However, the surroundings of the school are blocked and it is impossible to...
The protagonist's childhood friend Aina is a bright and service-minded girl. They were as close as they once regarded each other as future partners. Called by Aina, he visits her room but he doesn't find Aina there. At that moment he gets hit on the...
2-11-2020, 18:22
J*Fight v.1.02
Hentai Games
Aoki Mai's father suddenly disappears, leaving only a short letter for his daughter. Immediately after her, a certain Satake from the Yakuza calls and tells her to come to him to talk about her father. At the meeting, Aoki finds out that dad took a...
31-10-2020, 18:13
Shota's Tragic Day
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 478
The peaceful life of the main character - Shoty, was broken by a series of unexpected events that, like a snowball will haunt him, on this long-suffering day ... It all started in the morning when he woke up from the fact that his mother and sister...
31-10-2020, 17:45
Dragon Academy 2 v.2.01 / ドラゴンアカデミー2
Japanese Games
The Dragon Academy is a technical institute that gives young, rural boys the ability to wield a sword. Explore the dungeons and kill the demon king. • Game version 2.01; • Simulator relations and RPG for fans of fantasy; • 6 heroines, each with its...
Saint Demi Lune Female Academy--- A maiden academy that only futanari magic creatures can attend. Noa was cross-dressing and secretly attending the academy while helping his classmate Karen relieve sexual tension. However, one day an event occurs...