25-11-2022, 11:37
Prison on the Saddle / サドルの上の監獄
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 182
Akira Hyuga is a sports girl who always has a bright smile on her face when she joins club activities. But lately, she's been looking more and more difficult. The restaurant in her parents' house is targeted by landlords, and she is being harassed...
16-11-2022, 13:44
The Dark Tome / ドックロ怪奇~黒き魔導書~
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
"What would you do if you acquired a tome of great power?" X-ray vision, time-stop, mind-control, invisibility... With such abilities at the tip of your fingers, what sort of sexual mayhem would you unleash on the the residents of this town? And...
It 's just a game to watch her activities. Your girlfriend is a meat urinal When her users appear, let's get her to use If you act as a meat urinal, it will be posted on SNS and the naughty status will be updated. Usually it is used in a dedicated...
There is an NTR expression in this game, so please refrain from those who are not good at it. One day, two couples are suddenly sent to another world. You have to defeat the Demon King to return to the original world, but ... Earn money from battle...
The genius magician Anastasia, our pure but ever-so-slightly cheeky heroine,, has her hidden sexual desires are shamefully exposed in this fantasy HRPG....
25-04-2022, 09:24
Wailing Guignol
Hentai Games
1 381
In this iron desert town, what I must defeat, what I must protect. Within the sand, the rust and the dark storm of violence, can the tale of one small love, be spun to its completion?...
A world where only some women can use magic. Only the magical idol, commonly known as "Mahodol", can counter the unknown life form "Phantom". "Maygahara Mei Mei" formed a mahodol unit with "Ninomai Elena" and "Yoshiba Florence". Throw yourself into...
40 or more basic pictures, 500 or more including differences. Equipped with a track record system. It is recommended to play the trial version and check the operation. The number of H scenes that can be seen in the trial version is 14 scenes,...
19-02-2022, 11:30
Aristella's Alchemy Studio / アリステラの錬金工房
Japanese Games
1 074
Alistella's Alchemy Studio [MoguHachi] Alchemist Aristella. She was the only magical hero in a different world. She was praised as her hope to defeat the demons and the demons that created them. She has one purpose for her. It's about returning to...
Can I recover the stolen student ID card !? 4 days of a girl struggling in the sekisho district where desires swirl !! The main character is Lucy, a student enrolled in the Medic department of the adventurer training organization "Farnas Magic...