I was not clearly conveyed a sense of ... Of rain that day ..., I think it was a confession hug without saying anything. This slumber of moments I would not have been washed away-feeling "want to do." Why do these things the body of man and woman...
The first production of UMEMARO project! This is an adventure game with full-length movie! At the University of Youmei, several mysterious disappearance events including the director of the school have occurred in the past two months. The principal...
Anomalous phenomenon named "brute" which had been rolling in Jingu Gakuen. - Human beings who are attacked by "brutality" will be out of reason and will be dominated by carnal desires. Added to that explanation "When trying to resist against the...
The main character, a novice teacher at school. The main character became a teacher because of a road accident in which he sends a stranger to the hospital, who turns out to be a teacher. While the teacher is in the hospital, he is replaced by our...
18-08-2020, 12:41
LOVEEVOLUTION Hard Core / Love Evolutionハードコア
Japanese Games
The new part of LOVE EVOLUTION! History Hotaru. She teaches at school. Summer is so hot, and I still have so much work to do ... Playful fingers rush down. She wakes up from the pleasure on the table and realizes that there is someone else in the...
Honju Rumiko is a schoolteacher, she teaches English at a prestigious private school. She became a victim of harassment in a suburban train car. She began to seek help among the people, but a healthy shaved head was shown on a living example of what...
21-06-2020, 13:55
Shihai no Kyoudan / 支配の教壇
Japanese Games
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The hero who was suspended due to innocent crime by the selfish circumstances of the school. For the hero who was a student with a bad behavior, it was a pain that did not hurt or itchy, A female teacher "Hanamori Kotomi" who regret that he could...
Here, the interview room with the school counselor. Listen to the counselor comes to the rumor of the men, it was decided to consult the trouble you are facing now SoFutoshi. But it came in there ...... "For example ...? Ne, Nechan'!?" Was a...
23-03-2020, 16:00
Hentai Games
Is this cage hell or paradise? They wake up in a white room remembering nothing The protagonist Takato Keisuke and 6 others are locked up in these hidden white rooms. His childhood friend Hokari Kanae, classmate Andou Miyako, underclassmate Makiba...
2-03-2020, 14:26
Gates The Opening 0.10
Porn Games
Gates The Opening Version 0.10. Yes, i named it "The Opening" because i'm expecting it to be the start of a very long series. The first game will conclude in 9 days (game time) and after the 9 days you will play the ending that you have shaped with...