A puzzle-solving game where you play as student council president Akane, who is trying to solve the seven mysteries of the school. Find and create items to help solve the mystery. However, as Akane will soon find out, the truth of the seven...
20-08-2021, 16:49
Youmu Konpaku & Dungeon of Lewd Creatures v.1.19
Hentai Games
3 788
Getting into a hideout of creatures that aim at cute girls, Youmu-chan tries to escape in this side-scroller ACT game! Her virginity hinges on your gameplay. Choose which stage to challenge from a vast field! There are treasures and hidden pathways...
20-08-2021, 16:31
Divine Miko Koyori
Hentai Games
1 689
As an exorcist who commands powers of the divine, Koyori is sent to a remote village to exorcise the area as part of her training. However, what should have been a simple task soon escalates to unforeseen magnitudes as the dark plot behind the whole...
Protagonist Noa, on the verge of death, discovers a mysterious door deep inside an old ruin. There, she acquires the ability to copy the power of others, and the ability to charm anyone. but it shackles her with a large financial burden, and a...
Monsters were causing harm in the outskirts of Kulandam. The woman who stopped them was a holy knight, a member of the order of Kulandam's knights. Fer name was Fiine One day Fiine received word of urgent business from Dodriguez. "You are the...
Sasha, a female adventurer who has become a futanari because of something, she consults with her friend Siena, an alchemist. Siena took care of Sasha, but Sasha himself decided to collect the missing materials and experiment with the medicine she...
This world that not a never peace. Demon who struck the man, man is frightened to demon. Before the own way violent monsters, people think - and what does not appear hero. Fate association obtained hero to regain peace of the world. I look forward...
"Divus Rabies" that surprised the player with the humiliation full of eros that is terrifying and rich. This work depicts how the "Kingdom of Diastan", which is the stage, is eroded by the magical power. You can enjoy the "zero" story that started...
21-07-2021, 13:36
Cursed Sword and Princess of The Sea / 呪いの剣と海の姫君
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
3 384
Carol, a princess of the sea, was captured by a villain. By chance, Carol runs away. Then, Carol faced a bigger crisis, overcame various difficulties and returned home. In a crisis, Carroll signed a contract with the cursed sword and began his...
19-07-2021, 11:48
Graveyard Executioner v.0.71 / 墓地の死刑執行人
Japanese Games
2 736
To save the five princesses who were captured by the grave keeper girl Nevia. Fight a bloody battle with a religious nation called "White Country"!...