Ariana and Maria lost their mother to the demons, and now they fight to keep the peace in their town. But when the Demon Lord and his army are revived, it's up to our two heroines to save the entire world! But can they do it, or will they fall into...
An auto-exploration, auto-battle hands-free RPG. Story: A novice cat-eared slave lives her life admirably every day....
This is a card battle RPG about a girl who wanders into an unknown world and transforms herself with the help of a succubus. She seduces the men in town, explores dungeons, and collects materials to make items. The battle is a turn-based card...
26-01-2021, 17:07
FUMIKA FANTASY v.1.06a / ふみか ふぁんたSY
Japanese Games
Fumika crossed the ocean to move to a greater land, became a heroine to save people, and began her journey......
You are a strong single demon .. control your enemies, their allies .. men and women ... Travel with four young girls as your servants! Control your own and other people's destinies at will!...
12-01-2021, 13:44
Midnight Scar
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 384
Adventures of a novice thief! Avoid demons on your way to get to the treasured treasure. Use your skills wisely, otherwise, you will be punished....
Things often end in tears for dark elf Rifuse, girl swordfighter. Danger strikes from all directions! Brave the kingdom's dark labyrinth and all its traps and tricks. her tiny body is a beacon for lewdness!...
29-12-2020, 09:15
Ark of Artemis v.1.01b / 楽園のアルテミス
Japanese Games
1 017
Half a year after the world was destroyed by an angel-the wizard Claudia received a letter and headed for the demon continent. There, he encountered an angel and repelled him with the power of a sacred treasure, but when he discovered an ice-pickled...
29-12-2020, 09:11
Demon hunter v.0.2.0
Porn Games
1 234
RPG without any special impurities. The game grew out of a desire to improve something in the Royal Hunt that you liked, behind the authorship of the Old Hunter, but later it was completely reworked into an independent project. The protagonist is a...
The journey of the princess. We have to become stronger!...