In this 3D side-scrolling action game, you play as Ricca, who can transform into a holy knight with the powers granted to her by God. When Ricca is captured or defeated by particular enemies, she will face a variety of kinky sexual encounters....
22-11-2021, 01:44
Demons Roots
Japanese Games
World domination RPG for the defeated! It has been 1000 years since the demon race was sealed in the dark world. The world is on the verge of extinction, and the last battle to be fought is against the human world. It was a tragic land full of...
19-07-2021, 11:48
Graveyard Executioner v.0.71 / 墓地の死刑執行人
Japanese Games
1 496
To save the five princesses who were captured by the grave keeper girl Nevia. Fight a bloody battle with a religious nation called "White Country"!...
The night of the full moon. Pretty maid desperately to stop the Vampire army raided a variant of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It was a sneaky boredom but Flandre. Pretty maid in Van pie devoted hunter killer Request to the service of ruthless to try...
23-03-2021, 16:30
Collection KooooN Soft games
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 526
KooooN Soft Developer Game Collection List of games Angel Girl X [Ver2.00] (Uncensored)\ SHINOBI GIRL [Ver2.10] (Uncensored)\ Touching Tifa -INTERACTIVE TOUCHING GAME 2-\ Touching Woman Soldier -INTERACTIVE TOUCHING GAME-\ WITCH GIRL -EROTIC SIDE...
3-02-2021, 17:18
Night Road v.1.4
Japanese Games
In the pitch darkness of the night, the girl opened her eyes a whisper was growing in her foggy mind: "I have to go." In the deserted darkness, she could only hear a mysterious voice. Horror in which a lonely girl makes her way through the darkness....
Humiliation, violation, gang-bang and slavery... The alley fight between the 2 police women and a criminal organization started!? Irma Asta and Milliam Duffoner are the most famous partners in the notorious 2nd division. All the things they do are...
The stage is set! A solitary island ruled by tyranny and assault, in the middle of the southern sea! A spy adventure game following a female agent's lonely battle for justice! Raruka, an international terrorist, has been imprisoned during a mission,...
Sara is an unemployed, low-level Y*utuber. Unable to keep up with her debt payments, she ends up owing a hundred million gold. She gets drawn in by a story that's too good to be true, and turns treasure hunter, setting off to find the ruins of...
A girl who had her family murdered by bandits comes to the assassination guild. With no money, no one took her seriously, but Kurone decided to ask; "If you have no money, what are you willing to give up in return?" "... ... This, is my treasure." A...