When I tried to make the Philosopher's Stone, I ended up making the Whore's Stone! The cursed "whore's stone" won't come off, and if you don't get rid of it, you'll accumulate so much sexual energy that you'll go poof! The only way to save yourself...
7-12-2020, 06:34
Shrine Maiden Goddess
Hentai Games
In an age of science in reasoning, gods and youkai were considered myths of the past. However, behind the scenes, the forces of good and evil were always in motion. Those who fought to defeat the youkai were known as "Taimashi" or exorcists. One...
Play as 3 heroines, and find out the mystery of the disappearing schoolgirls. What lies ahead: the truth behind the incidents, or a tragic lust-filled end?...
5-12-2020, 16:53
Silence Of The Damned
Hentai Games
Melice is a nurse working in the closed ward. The world where she is now is like a never-ending nightmare and she must escape from there....
Deep in the forgotten forest, verdant growth shrouded the decrepit remains of a tribal temple... a dwelling of dreadful violators! Coiling tentacles constrict heroines in an orgy of hellish ecstasy. A grand journey & tentacle assault AVG! The...
All people of the race are equal The ideal world to live in, Hameustasia Kingdom. However, in 721, the ruler of the ruler Witch Wang Leap of time, the peace collapses easily easily. "A man is not needed anymore in this world!" - From that day...
1-12-2020, 13:26
Bud of frenzy and instinct / 狂乱と本能の芽
Japanese Games
This is a story of a man's death and rebirth. The appearance of a mysterious girl Anri causes the series of the events..... A unique hentai adventure game focused on sex between married women and the tentacle monster (you). You play the man who once...
Asougi City, a company town facing the Seto Inland Sea. Though a single corporation controls every aspect of their lives, the citizens live without any kind of worries or doubts, and enjoy the peace that has been given to them. However, within this...
Humiliation, violation, gang-bang and slavery... The alley fight between the 2 police women and a criminal organization started!? Irma Asta and Milliam Duffoner are the most famous partners in the notorious 2nd division. All the things they do are...
27-11-2020, 13:25
Yoya Ninja Book / 妖谷忍法帳
Japanese Games
Tentacles, spawning & childbirth, bondage, suffocation, cow & horse & dog fuck... A turbulent flying nymph approaches the heroine!! Hard H and loose gags explode, AVG, here we go! Suddenly, a mysterious beautiful girl who “falls down” in...