The dark magician VIVI and the army of the dead attacked the fairy forest. To save the captured fairies, they summoned the goddess "Airi." What Airi saw on the human battle field was...?...
202X The city of Kamiku was exposed to wonders. A magic blast furnace that suddenly appears in the city. A strange monster called a magical beast that emerges from there. In order to restore peace to the city, Sakura Himemiya struggled to become the...
25-06-2021, 12:07
Innocence Destroy!!! / イノセンスデストロイ
Japanese Games
1 064
Two girls ...... became famous in the VR game there and from the fact that you log in to another of the VR game to be its rival, Their fate begins crazy ...... It is an orthodox type RPG that progresses through the system map. The main character,...
19-06-2021, 14:28
Evening Starter v.1.01
Hentai Games
3 447
The series of disappearance incidents occured in Karadate city, Hokkaido. These were closed remaining publicly unknown. Weathered quickly and quickly forgotten ... The incidents were precursors to the death battle spread in the darkness of the...
30-05-2021, 11:30
Barbarian Legend v.1.04 / 蛮族レジェンド
Japanese Games
2 301
Barbarian Legend is a simulation game about war. You can create a powerful army in your castle and lead the army to defeat the armies of other countries, or capture and humiliate the valkyrie of other countries. Develop your territory and raise your...
Corporate Security Committee (commonly known as CSC). A public institution that judges the evil of a company so that employees of the company can work with peace of mind. It is an organization that aims to improve the country by sometimes removing...
When evil reigned, humanity was united... but now, in a time of peace, human-on-human crime is on the rise. Murder, r*pe, molestation, larceny and petty panty thefts... Maam does what she can to make the world just a little better by fighting...
Our protagonist is just an average high school boy who does martial arts. As it so happens, his fiancée Kaya is a legendary martial artist of immeasurable strength. He doesn't measure up. Not at all. He was happy spending his lovey days with her...
18-04-2021, 12:34
Ashverse v.1.05 / ハイイロバー
Japanese Games
Renia is a female knight with true grit. Nonetheless, she was overtaken by a squad during an escort mission. Search, negotiate, fight and seduce... Renia will have to use every means possible to escape the men and orcs who would defile her! Can you...
An adventure and prostitution RPG about a princess trying to rebuild the land she has lost. When a monster army takes the kingdom of Armonica by force, only princess Ena was able to escape. To rebuild her lost land she asks for help from neighboring...