The naive young sorceress Letitia must return the debt accumulated by her elder brother. For this she is going to explore the mysterious dungeon and carry out various assignments and tasks of citizens....
You are the pupil of BMG, a gentle, always smiling, dark sorceress. As you find your own path, you study and do odd jobs. The trial of your awakening is at hand; you must gather resources in the forest. BMG's friend, a fellow sorceress named Gagaga....
Very popular novelty jRPG on DLsite. Statistics only on the first day of release is - ("122" 5 points) Downloads: 1120 and continues to grow rapidly! To whom these figures do not say anything, I will say - a very decent figure My name is Al. I am a...
At the most prestigious magic academy, there is a genius girl by the name of Elma. Too bad that everyone considers her field of study, Magic Archeology, to be worthless. For a change of pace, she heads to the eastern lands, along the way a...
20-08-2020, 11:58
Witch Trial / ウイッチトライアル
Japanese Games
There was a woman with a supernatural power. Suspected as being a witch, she is confined to a dungeon. However, no one visits her for days and she starts to worry. She manages to get out of the prison, and she realizes everyone else in the castle...
14-06-2020, 14:22
Leane of Legitimate Crown 1.51
Hentai Games
Sequel of the first game, your character (Ares) is a loyal commander to the kingdom but is betrayed by the king and regent, fleeing for his life before recovering and aiding a new faction. You can choose 1 of 3 factions to side with after this, and...
An ordinary boy was r * ped by a succubus. After being kidnapped asmodians' castle, he is about to become a cumpet ... Can he win his freedom from the succubus? -> Collecting medical herbs & Exploring Dungeons & Battle F * ck RPG Fcc...
21-04-2020, 16:04
Leane of Legitimate Crown 2 1.40
Japanese Games
A full scale game system with 2 different well designed H systems included! A Country Conquest Style Strategic Fantasy Simulation Game with heaps of content! Aim to unify the continent with different commands. Among those commanders, 13 of them are...