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25-08-2023, 11:13
How To Raise Happy Neet / 幸せなニートの育て方
Japanese Games
4 215
NEET-chan and reserved girl. A bit shy, but an obedient girl. Something happened in the past and luck seems to have turned her back. I know nothing about pranks due to lack of life experience and ignorance. For family reasons, I was left to live...
7-07-2022, 12:23
The Runaway Girl And Me v.1.03 / シロウト家出娘と俺
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
9 938
The life of living together with the runaway daughter and the main character "I" begins. At first she is full of her vigilance, but let's unravel her mind by repeating her communication. Eventually, living together will change to living...
The hero who lost his parents due to a pandemic illness starts a new life from a tattered house with the only maid who came with him. The maid is busy doing housework all day long. You can spend a little time there, or go out to work as an...