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Princess Yusti did not face any hardships during the long peaceful era in the kingdom. So she became lazy and gluttonous. A final act of greed forces her father to kick her out until she does something to prove her worth. Therefore, she goes to a...
15 scenes (14 base images) 62 total + pose art Shou (the player) goes on his first errand for his mama. If things go smoothly she'll give him a reward. He just has to do the errand and get home without the ladies popping his cherry ... Watch out...
16-07-2020, 20:37
Tomboy Get Complete!
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A brave young girl defied guy. Just so he did not want to fight, and hence the girl said that in case of its loss, she will perform any of its desire. He knew that it is much stronger, so I agreed, won and fucked her. Needed Attention! For this...