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8-09-2021, 16:05
Romandick Mysterion v.1.3 / ロマンディックミスティリオン
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
3 547
The main character Taki (renaable) who lives as a monk in a corner of a peaceful village ) Is killed by the god of death Levi one day. Although the instant death was avoided, he decided to act together for a while to restore the lost vitality....
In the remote village of Tenbu, guarded by the gods, there is a sanctuary where twelve zodiac signs are stored. Akinari - A young man was taken as a child to the Asatsuki family, which currently runs the shrine. He has a mysterious ability: he can...
Kaede picks up a book on his way home from school, and it contains otoko no ko having anal sex. Wondering if so much pleasure can be had from the anus, he tries anal masturbation himself, but he gets caught in the process by his friend Iori. And...
24-01-2021, 09:48
My H-Life with an Otokonoko v.1.0v
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
8 566
This is a mini-game to be lovey-dovey with a cute otoko no ko (girlish boy). This game has no ending. Depending on his pleasure level, he gets an orgasm....
Kenta applies for a job at a factory. But it's not just any factory -- here they make tentacles to their customers' specifications. And it's up to Kenta to care for them!...
22-01-2021, 16:18
Brothel of Rabbit / うさぎのしょうかん
Japanese Games
3 397
You are in a brothel that gathers beautiful boys and girls from all over the world. Sophisticated curtains glitter gently. Gold and silver furniture make a luxury mood. The room is sweetly incensed. An exotic lump throws the light on the curtains,...
2-04-2020, 14:55
Hentai Games
3 564
Kei agrees to take a part-time job at his brother Iori's cafe. Then he learns that it's a maid of cafe run by crossdressers, and his cute coworkers are actually boys. He does not understand why men would want to wear women's clothing, but he's...