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4-01-2022, 16:43
Hime Iro Story Teller / 姫色ストーリーテラー
Japanese Games
2 158
Himeno, who looks like a girl graduated a Warrior School and becomes a real warrior on that day. During his first mission, he found a mysterious "mirror"... And she found himself turned into a real girl....
6-03-2021, 06:57
Chromo XY
Hentai Games
3 425
Working alongside your colleague 'Rebecca' has always been a bit of a trial, as she just can't quit trying to push the boundaries of modern science. You have even begun to wonder if she is a scientist at all, or instead more of a mythical...
Rose has taken on a dungeon in search of treasure -- but when he gets tricked and feminized, he finds himself in an even deeper labyrinth. And this one's packed with erotic traps!...
Mihiro, a male student attending a certain academy. He is an honors student like no other, smart, athletic and handsome. He is often with his childhood friend (and popular among the guys) Kaoru, he is the envy of all the guys at school... having...
In the modern other world, where magic is everyday life, love and adventure with a cute girl-daughter! I fight the mysterious ruins of the "Epic Ruins" in the final exam in Mado Gakuin, I like the martial arts hero Kazuma and the cute and...
26-10-2020, 17:32
Two Sides v.0.08a
Porn Games
3 719
Two Sides is an Adult Game based on a story about a young man who decides to try his luck in a big city. The problem is that one of his jobs is to get money to keep up, he ends up acquiring the ability (or curse) to change his gender, voluntarily...
2-03-2020, 13:26
TotalIy Immersed Version 0.2a
Porn Games
1 355
Hello there, and welcome to Total Immersion! Download hentai games TotalIy Immersed 0.2a Thrust into a virtual world of fantasy and magic, Alex is more confused by one other change - he's now a woman!...
In Akira's life, there were no changes. Every day he defended his little sister from a drunkard father. School "strict" regime, which taught only boys (taught only strict teachers, men) *. In his head he only blooms: "I hate fucking...