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Apprentice hero Yu-kun has just married his childhood friend and fiancée, Mei-chan. However, she was still frustrated because she hadn't done anything naughty with Mei-chan. Meanwhile, Yu-kun and Mei-chan, who were called by the King of Netoire...
DRAGONIA is a character training type authentic shooting game. You can also enjoy R18 event scenes upon clearing each stage. Follow the orders of the Dragon Shrine Maiden and protect the national treasure, 'The Dragon's Tear' from the forces of...
23-03-2021, 15:32
Gran Ende II v.1.04 / グランエンデII
Japanese Games
In the middle of his journey, the protagonist arrives in a small village. When he gets into the forest of Elves to collect mushrooms in order to earn his travel expenses, his kismet shows a sign of change. With an Elven girl, by name of Juno...
25-10-2020, 09:01
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I liked making up when I was a little girl. People could be another person if you're good at it. I live on this woman's technique. That's it. It's not me who is prostituting. I wear wigs and dress costumes. I'm just playing the role. Now, who...
22-09-2020, 14:10
The Secret in Summer 1.5
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Summertime in the Japanese countryside. The boisterous wails of cicadas. You pass the time with nieces Wakaba and Futaba who invited you to play hide and seek. The afternoon sun opens their young pores producing a scentless sheen of sweat. As you...
19-06-2020, 21:39
Sweet Mami 2
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The ill-fated magical girl is alone with just you in her sweets-filled bedroom. She's so lonely ever since becoming a magical girl. Cheer up her spirit and body with your cock!! If you love touching breasts, if you love being groped. If you love...
19-06-2020, 21:32
Animation Slide Puzzles
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Animation Slide Puzzles...