28-04-2021, 12:17
Lisa and the Succubus Grimoire
Hentai Games
Risa had been working as a treasure hunter, and recently got info on the treasure of the great demon lord in the Malheim district. She wished to find a grand treasure and live out a lazy life, so she made her way there. However, the men of the town...
Kanna Nozaki is the vice president of the student council, guarding the peace and quiet of her beloved school. However, her methods of fighting for peace and quiet are very unusual: blackmail, threats, intimidation, sexual violence and even sexual...
Short RPG of defeat H format in women hero. You there or in eyes H Aurelia hero out on an adventure with friends... About 70 pieces HCG, about 1000 difference About 40 pieces and cut-in and non-HCG other About 40 of H events, about 50, there is a...
The main character, the female knight Rihanna, goes to investigate the ruins. She is accidentally transferred to a place with her helper, Sao Yak, during her investigation. It was a dungeon where H was forcibly required to escape. Sao Yak decides to...
School time is the best in many ways. You don't really strain, you have a lot of fun, you live and have fun. And best of all, when you share this school time with your childhood friend, to which you experience "ambiguous" feelings ... True, this is...
Our protagonist is just an average high school boy who does martial arts. As it so happens, his fiancée Kaya is a legendary martial artist of immeasurable strength. He doesn't measure up. Not at all. He was happy spending his lovey days with her...
20-04-2021, 14:52
Scars of Summer v.1.03
Hentai Games
2 072
Keita lives in a quiet countryside town. His childhood friend, Ryoka Enomoto, is a women's basketball ace for her university. Due to family circumstances, he needs a place to live for the summer, so he gets invited to stay at his friend Ryoka's...
20-04-2021, 13:51
Kingdom of SEXUAL SLAVE / 性奴隷王国
Japanese Games
It is possible to capture the heroine of a total five "revenge fantasy RPG"! Story is split by way of capture! The head of the thieves got stuck in the royal guards The operation, case revenge on one royal guards of 4 people!...
18-04-2021, 12:34
Ashverse v.1.05 / ハイイロバー
Japanese Games
Renia is a female knight with true grit. Nonetheless, she was overtaken by a squad during an escort mission. Search, negotiate, fight and seduce... Renia will have to use every means possible to escape the men and orcs who would defile her! Can you...
In a world where desire is suppressed by chemicals and sex itself is illegal, the reproduction rate has dropped to a dangerous low. An angel is sent to the town where the chemical is produced, which happens to be where Nagisa lives. Nagisa is...