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15-11-2023, 13:28
Last Harem ~Inpregflation v.1.05 / ラストハーレム~孕ませインフレーション~
Hentai Games / Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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You are the only male in this world. In a world where all men except the main character have died due to a mysterious disease epidemic. Save the human race with your impregnation harem. The battle will not end until everyone in the world is...
Ancient ruins awaken and a sleeping mechanical beast, “Kaiju,” begins to move. Marilyn, a wizard’s egg, receives a revelation from the goddess and sets out to subdue the ruins. Three endings....
30-08-2022, 10:05
Metal Flame v.0.09
Hentai Games
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In 2XXX A.D., with the development of AI and robots, man and machine are living in peace. But that all changed... This cosmic mechanical creature called ALM (alien living-metal) controls robots and networks and spread like virus... Mechanical...
Synopsis The future of advanced online technology. The world's leading companies have become powerful economically and politically, and the autonomous regions of the world have become crowded all over the world. The traditional national system was...