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26-02-2024, 13:50
Crimson Lotus Soaring Pure Flame v.1.04
Hentai Games
1 148
The story is set in the town of Hinata. The story is about an ordinary girl, Flair, who lives there. She leaves school with her childhood friend and lover Kenji, She gets caught up in a case involving the evil Black Blizzard organization. In the...
Hinata City. This is a story about an ordinary girl, Flair, who lives there. Leaving school with her childhood friend and lover Kenji, She gets caught up in a case involving the evil Black Blizzard organization. In the midst of the conflict, a girl...
4-08-2023, 10:39
Magical Girl Ixphere / 魔法少女イクスフィア
Japanese Games
1 136
A roguelite card game where you collect decks of over 60 types of cards. Even if you lose, try again with a time jump that inherits powers and some cards! You can customize the cards to your liking by amplifying and synthesizing (extracting) cards,...
A transformed heroine of justice who is so strong that she can do anything, In a variety of dastardly traps !!!!! When she is unable to fight well, she is defeated and trained by further pleasure attacks. !!!!!! The heroine is defeated and trained...
13-03-2023, 16:34
Iris in Labyrinth of Demons v.0120 / アイリスと魔窟のラビリンス
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
4 085
This is an exploratory action RPG that allows you to set a variety of difficulty levels for erotic animation, such as heterosexual adultery, pregnant births, cross-sections, and fertilization.​...
13-03-2023, 16:30
Sol Rui after mini / ソルルイ after mini
Japanese Games
1 276
This work manipulates the heroine [Louis] who has obtained the power of magic, An omnibus-style short adult RPG that challenges each of the four stages. The main focus is situations that destroy the heroine's dignity, such as rape, hypnosis, battle...
15-02-2023, 18:08
The Adventures of Suzuka v.1.02 / 鈴香の冒険
Japanese Games
Chan "Suzuka" I love this thin daughter during masturbation, Would have been summoned to the "fantasy world". Order to save the world that is about to be conquered by the devil was revived, Ended up fighting as a brave girl ......
Leila out on an adventure in search of the jewel that is said wish comes true anything by collecting seven. Shall be awaiting her in the above ...?...
This is an RPG where a young girl and her clumsy pixie companion try to evolve her into a magical heroine while protecting her chastity... is that possible? Unlock 3 endings, each with a different scenario....
Ancient ruins awaken and a sleeping mechanical beast, “Kaiju,” begins to move. Marilyn, a wizard’s egg, receives a revelation from the goddess and sets out to subdue the ruins. Three endings....
22-07-2022, 13:20
Kanade Rogue-like / カナデロオグ+
Japanese Games
2 274
Kanade Atoji is a magical girl. One day, while investigating a series of disappearances in town, a dimensional disturbance sucks her into a another world. There, she talks with a girl named Rubie, who informs her this world is on the verge of ruin....
4-06-2022, 13:32
Fairy Biography
Hentai Games
1 968
A group of fairies have escaped from sealed in ancient scrolls. They are doing evil everywhere, and the world is in danger! As keeper of the scrolls, you, to ensure the safety of the people, must seal them up again. It's too late to explain, so...
17-04-2022, 09:15
Taneduke Haramase Mahou Shoujo ~ The RPG~ v.2.11
Hentai Games
3 737
A disgusting, fat and ugly otaku who loves magical girls that he normally wouldn't even be able to breathe near is now the unlikely hero in this near future fantasy magical girl humiliating ☆ training RPG!! A virgin middle-aged disgusting otaku...
A world where only some women can use magic. Only the magical idol, commonly known as "Mahodol", can counter the unknown life form "Phantom". "Maygahara Mei Mei" formed a mahodol unit with "Ninomai Elena" and...
Is the heart maiden "heroine" saving the world ?! An RPG in which three transsexual girls fall in love and adventure! "Pray, fight, sing, boy, maiden and flowers and bloom!"-The latest RPG that becomes a "girl" the...
Priest Konoha rushes into the book to help King Leon, led by the "Grimoire"! The inside of the book was made up of another world Grimoire Land. All the girls who land in this world are magical girls It is said to be reincarnated. Konoha...
When ordinary student Ciska is saved by superheroine Naomi, she idolizes her and dreams of being a superheroine, too. But, on her inaugural day, the world is attacked by aliens!...
Kaede Sato, who returned from a part-time job with the intention of enjoying the summer vacation from tomorrow, encounters a scene where a man in zentai is attacking a woman. Kaede transforms into a magical girl when she is helped by a mysterious...
Frostia's new RPG that confronts the evil army Hamelder Work content ----------- The evil army Hamelder that suddenly appeared. The combatant roams at night, aiming for a young woman and kidnaps him. Girls who call themselves magic fighting...
A mysterious series of disappearances has been occurring in Echinomiya City. The protagonist Amane is assaulted by a monster on her way home, but through the power of a magical tome, turns into the transforming heroine Celesphonia, and is able to...