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The devil's hand approaching the hero party that defeated the Demon King !! Save data of trial version 1.01 or less is not compatible !! (Note) (Even if the trial version data is 1.01 or later, there may be a problem) Due to the characteristics of...
20-08-2021, 16:39
Japanese Games
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The mercenary corps requested to search for the ruins suffers an accident where the ground collapses during the search A beautiful woman was lying in front of a mercenary who fell into a shallow hole....
15-08-2021, 15:05
Gift / 贈り物
Japanese Games
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A small gift from our circle. This work is from the past works of his own circle, Agnor Toss, "DP", "Black Fetal Movement", and "Nettle Pain". Things that couldn't be woven into the main story, things that I came up...
One day the Vampire Inspector who suddenly came to town. Their job is to spot vampires who are confused with humans. My childhood friend's neighbor will be suspected and tested, but it looks like this inspector is more sexually harassed than...