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3-06-2021, 09:02
Trap Shrine
Hentai Games
2 763
The Goddess was a Crossdresser?! The enshrined deity turned out to be a cross dressing Goddess that was sealed to... marry ME?! The cross dressing legend starts here!...
3-06-2021, 08:58
Trap Legend / 女装神話
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 834
In the beginning, Crossdressers were the sun... And Goddesses too! A story of turmoil filled romance between man and crossdresser in modern times, brought back to the forefront by the Goddesses of legend! A hymn of love for the new generation of...
Fanfiction by the Touhou Project. Hakurei Reimu, moonlighting as a pizza delivery girl, comes to the house of an ugly, disgusting man. And he just turned out to be a very suitable aphrodisiac for such cases, because of which the poor priestess...
Latis, a girl who decided to travel with her friend Majime. This is a great way to spend time, to see the world and to communicate....
15-09-2020, 11:29
Konpoco Summer Vacation / こんぽこ夏休み
Japanese Games
1 981
An erotic elder sister brings you, succulent sweet flirty Oneshota time! Mate with a giant breasted Fox and Racoon dog girl while you have time off from school! Story branching? Nope! They are both of yours of course!...
The game will take us to feudal Japan. Choose one of the girls you already like (I include two female cats) and see how far they will go in a relationship with their girlfriend turned into a terrible monster .. Features: - The last game without a...
19-08-2020, 08:48
Princess Miko - Akiba - / 巫女姫-アキバ-
Japanese Games
2 719
- for a significant operation, unstable depends on the environment. Operates the Akiba (KitsuneSen), to seal the escape was monster Gorgon It is a full-length high-quality 2D side-scrolling action game....