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14-06-2024, 12:14
Hero Party Must Fall v.0.5.0 Bugfix 2
Hentai Games
Hordes of evil demons have risen again under the leadership of the Demon King, and Hero, along with his allies, are trying to thwart their onslaught. You play as one of the allies, but you have a big secret. The Demon King has sent you as a spy to...
The continent of Arras… On this continent, the war between demons and humans has been going on… A long time ago, a powerful Demon King appeared to lead the Demon Tribe. A time when humans were plunged into fear and despair… One man and three women...
5-08-2020, 16:16
MamaShota Kingdom / ママショタ・キングダム
Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
3 801
Shota is the protagonist in this RPG, in which you must search for perverted events. Use all that is necessary to make the girls around you be your loyal (sexual) subjects. Strive to build your own Kingdom! Not only "Mom" characters, but...
In a small apartment complex ... The sort that might exist anywhere ... Our protagonist is a grocery deliveryman with a polite demeanor and pleasant smile. But his smile is not as innocent as it seems ... for this deliveryman has some ulterior...